October 20, 2018

Pirate101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 5)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! This is our Pirate101 Questing Week 4 Recap post. Week 5 was a bit shorter than previous weeks due to technical difficulties, but it was still a lot of fun questing with all of the amazing pirates in our group. Let's talk about where we ended up for week 5 of new pirate questing!

Last week we ended up on the quest "Gunn's Gold" where we had to fight water moles in Waponi Wu (near the Volcano). Shortly after defeating the water moles, we made our way up to the sigil leading into the volcano where we had to find Ratbeard and Gunn's Gold. We first had to fight some beautiful goldfish, then some more water moles, and eventually we had to fight Chumba Wumba (leader of the water moles). Our task for this final fight was to get Chumba Wumba's health low and then destroy his totems. We all eventually made it through this awesome dungeon. :D 

We got Ratbeard as a new companion - for saving him from falling into a volcano. We made our way back to Avery's Court to get a new quest to Puerto Mico. Puerto Mico is one of my favorite areas mostly because it gives the Monquista vibe which is my favorite world in the game. I mean, have you heard the music of Monquista? It's amazing! After Puerto Mico, we were sent to The Gold Mine to complete quests there. We started a few quests there but didn't end up doing too much. We ended up in the Dark Jungle (an area in The Gold Mine). So let's talk about what quest we ended on and the next time we'll be streaming our Pirate101 adventures!

Quest: "Rumble In The Jungle"
Your Task: Complete Main Quests up to Rumble In The Jungle
Your Choice: Complete all Accessible Side Quests

Pirate101 Questing Stream Recap

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