October 26, 2018

Pirate101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 6)

Ahoy Pirates!

This week has been such a busy week! We didn't stream Pirate101 as long this week since we had a bit of Halloween Run stuff to complete, but that didn't stop us from making a lot of progress. I'll just say it now... we completed the main quests in Skull Island! Keep reading this post to see where we ended up and when we'll be questing again.

We started this week with the quest "Rumble in the Jungle". We had to rescue Criado from being roasted (not that way - the bonfire way). We had to first put out the bonfires and then attack the main boss. Keep note that he will heal himself by sacrificing his minions, so make sure to follow the rules by putting out the bonfires! The group I was in defeated the minions while also putting out the bonfires so the boss wouldn't have a way to heal himself. After we defeated this boss, we later had to defeat more Troggies outside and collect flowers. There's an area - near the entrance of the Dark Jungle - where you can collect the flowers without getting caught. It was no fun getting caught, but I would like to thank Victoria for showing us a great area where the troggies wouldn't pull us in!

The Dark Jungle was a pretty simple area to get through - as there weren't many main quest requirements, but there were quite a few side quests. Feel free to do any side quests that we don't do during our streams during the time we're not streaming Pirate101 Group Questing! Anyway, after the Dark Jungle, we made our way to the Ancient Ruins and eventually to the Plundered Tunnels to fight Armada Soldiers & Captain Optimus Caerulus. After all of this, we traveled back to the Ancient Ruins to fight Gortez! This wasn't as bad as a battle as I thought it would be since we have an amazing group. We actually finished the quest around the same time. After the Gortez defeat, we made our way to Puerto Mico, defeated a few ships for our passage to Monquista and finally made it to Monquista! You wouldn't think we would complete so much in an hour, but we did. So let's talk about what quest we ended up on in Monquista!

Quest: Hear No Evil, See No Evil 
(after talking to the King & Queen in Monquista)

Your Task: Complete Main Quest Up To Hear No Evil, See No Evil

Optional: Complete all Side Quests in Skull Island for extra experience

Next Pirate101 Questing Stream
Thursday, November 15th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern

I'd like to add that everyone is welcome to these streams no matter their level! If you would like to help us feel free to join us on either game anytime we stream. Everyone is welcome to our streams. Thank you all again for your support. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. 

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