October 8, 2018

Sunken City, Halloween Dungeons, and Winterbane!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you had an amazing weekend. I'd say Saturdays are usually my favorite days, but this past Saturday was a very boring day. Yesterday (Sunday), was a lot of fun because I got to stream with Autumn and hang out with our friends. We did quite a bit for our stream yesterday - which ended up being just about two hours in length.

We usually stream on Sundays by doing different things. Yesterday we decided to play Wizard101 and finish our final quest in Wizard City - Sunken City. Most of you may know that we quest every Tuesday with an amazing group of friends (you're welcome to join with us) and we complete side quests when we're not main questing together. It was nice to complete this side quest. This was the very first time that I've completed all of the side quests in Wizard City!

Shortly after we decided to do one of the Halloween Dungeons. We picked up the Nosferabbit quest from Dworgyn in Nightside and made our way to the Haunted Cave. We met up with other amazing friends from the community and took a picture before we entered this dungeon. To my disbelief, this dungeon gave quite a bit of experience points (enough to level my wizard up). I definitely recommend this dungeon to the wizards currently questing through Wizard City or Krokotopia. It's always nice to have extra experience since it brings you that much closer to a spell you want to earn. This dungeon provided both experience points and fun! 

Jack Skullbreeze aka Jack Nightingale, invited us to go through his Winterbane Gauntlet after the Halloween dungeon. I'll be honest... This was the very first time I went through this Gauntlet. I know that many have already gone through this gauntlet because it's been around for years now. So I am happy to say we made more around the spiral history by completing this gauntlet. Overall, it was a lot of fun questing and interacting with everyone. Thank you for an amazing Sunday stream and we hope to see you all on Tuesday at our 5th week of Wizard101 Questing. We'll be starting Krokotopia. Until then, I'll leave you to watch our stream video from last night:

Watch Wizard101: Sunken City Run & Halloween Quests - Kelvin Realm from EdwardLifegem on www.twitch.tv

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