October 17, 2018

Wizard101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 6)

Ahoy Wizards (had to switch it up)!

I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday. This post is a Group Questing Recap Post! As many of you already know, Autumn & I have a questing stream every Tuesday at 6:00 pm Central with amazing friends in-game! We've already quested through Wizard City and parts of Krokotopia. Let's talk about where we ended up for our sixth week of group questing!

Last week we ended on the quest "Fangdango" that required us to talk to Alharaz, the Balance Instructor in Krokosphinx. Shortly after, we made our way to the Entrance Hall and began quested through the Hall of Champions! Here we had to fight various bosses and mobs. There was a tough collect quest (where we had to collect Ice Shards from Glacial Avengers. This quest took quite some time to complete, but we all eventually completed it. :) 

We started the Grand Arena by fighting Spiders. We didn't get far into this area because we didn't want to get too far ahead for everyone who was unable to join us. I am already looking forward to next week! It's been so much fun questing with this amazing group of friends! We've also had help from higher level wizards - thank you again for your help! Anyway, I'm now going to share the quest we ended on and when you can expect our next questing stream.

Quest: "Gladiator Games"
Your Task: Complete All Side Quests in Accessible Areas

Wizard101 Group Questing Recap

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Kaitlyn SoulRider said...

Another great group questing this week. Thank you so much Edward and Autumn, it's always a joy to hang out with you both.