November 30, 2018

Pirate101: Christmas Returns To The Skyways (2018)

Christmas has returned to the Skyways! The talk of this update is none other than a new skeleton key boss, Krampus. For now, let's talk about all of the returning items such as Holiday Decorations, Mounts, Pets, and Gear! Kingsisle has decorated Skull Island with tons of beautiful lights, snowmen, Christmas Trees, and interactive Christmas presents which you can open for gifts. One of my favorite things about Yuletide in Pirate101 is that you can open the gifts under the rainbow tree in Skull Island. While you can still open presents in other areas, this was my favorite spot to open Presents. :D

You'll find many gift boxes in Skull Island - including a large gift box near the entrance of the Skull Island docks. This gift box is actually the new Krampus dungeon that we pirates get to defeat this Holiday Season! This dungeon requires the use of a Skeleton Key. Kingsisle has provided all of us pirates a Wooden Skeleton Key to try out this new dungeon:

All is not as it seems when entering this dungeon. Prepare yourself for battle! Again, you'll need these Skeleton Keys to fight Krampus. You will get keys as drops from level-appropriate enemies in the Spiral. If you do decide to go through this dungeon, you may find yourself getting new items such as weapons, pets, gear, etc. This is a fun dungeon in Wizard101 and I definitely recommend pirates try it out. :D

On top of all of this, there are many, many Holiday Housing Items! I wanted to post them on this post, but there are so many that you can buy that I don't think it would fit on this post. So all I'll say is to check out the Crowns Shop & click on the Furniture section to check out all of these amazing items. Thank you, Kingsisle, for giving pirates all of these treats for the Holiday season! I look forward to trying out the Krampus Dungeon later today. If you would like more information about this year's Pirate101 Yuletide, feel free to click on the link below! Merry Christmas, Pirates!

More Information About Pirate101's Yuletide 2018

Wizard101: Christmas Returns To The Spiral (2018)

It's that time of year again! Felix Navidad has returned with all of the classic Christmas items, decorations, and quests! If you make your way through the Commons & Shopping District, you'll see all of the Holiday decorations (you may notice a few new ornaments on the tree in the commons).

You should also visit Felix Navidad in the commons where he provides numerous items to buy such as the Santa Outfit (perfect for this year's Santa Run - Sunday, December 19th), various Christmas-Themed wands, and Holiday Pets. I've provided a list of these items & prices below:

Santa Hat (750 Crowns)
 Santa Robe (1500 Crowns)
 Santa Boots (250 Crowns)

Frostman Pet (1500 Crowns)
Christmas Elf (1500 Crowns)
Yuletide Spirit (3000 Crowns)

(The Higher Level, The Higher The Cost)
Candle Wand (300, 500, 2500)
Candy Wand (300, 500, 2500)
Gingerbread Wand (300, 500, 2500)
Nutcracker Wand (300, 500, 2500)
Sweet Staff (300, 500, 2500)
Mint Staff (300, 500, 2500)
Ornamental Paper Staff (300, 500, 2500)
Star Staff (300, 500, 2500)

If you'd rather buy recently added items, you can check out the Crowns Shop for all of your favorite Christmas-Themed game card packs, mounts & pets. Feel free to view images below for a list straight from the crowns shop of all of the Holiday Items!

If you want to farm for items, you can always check out Nightshade (Haunted Cave) or Krampus (Ravenwood - located behind Kelvin The Ice Tree). You will need a Skeleton Key to access the Krampus fight! You can earn Skeleton Keys by buying the Winterland Pack or completing the Wizard City Quest "Unlocking The Truth" which can be found in the Wizard City Library. Thank you so much, Kingsisle, for another fun Yuletide Celebration. If anyone reading this post would like more information about this year's Yuletide Event (including the 12 Days of the Spiral), feel free to click on the link below! Merry Christmas, Everyone! 

View More Information About Yuletide 2018

Spark's Livestream: Friday, December 14th

Spark, our awesome community manager, recently announced on Kingsisle Live that he plans on doing a stream on Twitch during the month of December. Keep in mind that this will not be a Kingsisle Live stream. This stream will be more of an interactive type of live stream with the community. I really appreciate the involvement & interaction that Kingsisle has been taking in recent months. I look forward to seeing what he has planned for this stream! Remember that if you do attend, keep the Twitch Stream chat (if open) family-friendly & don't spam. Here's more information about when & where this stream will take place:

Friday, December 14th
3:30 pm Central / 4:30 pm Eastern

November 28, 2018

Revisiting Wizard101 UK

Hello Wizards!

It's been quite some time since I've logged into the Wizard101 UK servers. How long? Well, it's been 3 years! In 2012, I made blog posts about questing adventures in the UK server. I made a few friends on that account, however, I forgot my account user & password. A few years later I created a second account in early 2015 with a 3rd Edward Lifegem.

I logged into the US Server today while brainstorming for our 4th Annual Santa Run. During this brainstorming, someone in the Arena was talking about where they were from. I started thinking about the UK server at that point. I was away from the keyboard for a while after that, but I was thinking about downloading the server again to check in on Edward Lifegem #3! I was in the server for about an hour talking with a few people. I was actually able to add a new friend (Blaze) from the UK server in the US server.

I also met another great person, Talon. I asked him quite a few questions about how the UK Server worked. Thank you, Talon, for answering those. You didn't have to, but you did. :D It was very nice talking to you & meeting another nice person from another Country. Serbia to be precise! This American enjoyed talking to you. This adventure was fun & I hope I can revisit the UK Server again soon. Let's hope it won't take me 3 years to visit it again. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

Visit The UK Server

November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

Hi there!

I would like to wish all of you who celebrate a very Happy Thanksgiving. Today I'm watching the 92nd Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on NBC. Later today I'll be enjoying some amazing food & eventually go Black Friday shopping. It's always amazing spending this Holiday with my family. I hope you're having as amazing as a Thanksgiving that I am. Thank you so much for all of your support. Have an amazing Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2018

Kingsisle: Thanksgiving Giveaways 2018

Hi there!

Can Y'all believe that Thanksgiving is tomorrow?! Time flew by this year. It's amazing that my favorite time of year is already here. Kingsisle is celebrating Thanksgiving by giving away a code for the Wizards & Pirates in the Spiral. Redeem the code "2018thanks" to receive the items below in Wizard101 and Pirate101.
Road Warrior's Hoard Pack
Energy Elixir
Snack Pack

Energy Potion Elixir
Grizzly Bear Pack
Snack Pack

Wizard101: The Aero Plains Bundle

Hello Wizards!

A New Bundle, the Aero Plains Bundle, can now be bought at GameStop for $39! Empyrea Part 2 was recently released and one area in this recent update is called the Aero Plains. Feel free to click on the Play Button below to learn more about this new bundle!

My new myth wizard was able to get his hands on one of these new awesome bundles. Upon exploration of the new house, I knew it would be such a fun bundle! I redeemed the mount shortly after that and thought it was a cute mount - that reminded me of Pirate101's Cool Ranch & Easter. You gotta admit that the new mount is cute!

I'll admit that I am glad Kingsisle used the Aero Plains theme for this new bundle! They did such an amazing job creating that new area in Empyrea Part 2. I look forward to using everything this bundle has to offer to assist me in my new questing adventures & potential parties. This is definitely a perfect Holiday gift! If you would like more information about this new bundle, feel free to click on the link below. :)

November 20, 2018

Kingsisle Live: Thursday, November 29th

Hi there!

It has just been announced that the next episode of Kingsisle Live will take place on Thursday, November 29th. Don't forget to use the Hashtags: #AskKI (for questions), #Wizard101Tips, and #Pirate101Tips whether on Twitter. The questions asked & tips given are usually read off each episode of Kingsisle Live for a prize! I look forward to watching this new episode of Kingsisle Live - which will most likely be Holiday-Themed!

Next Kingsisle Live
Thursday, November 29th
4:00 pm Central / 5:00 pm Eastern

November 16, 2018

Turkey Run 2018

Hello Wizards!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching (I love this time of year)! Today I wanted to announce a new mini-event, our 3rd annual Turkey Run. Everyone is invited to this event - if you're able to, wear a Turkey Hat or Fall-Themed Colors. You can view more information about this event below:

Sunday, November 18th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern
The Commons, Humongofrog Realm

Pirate101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 7)

Ahoy Pirates!

I hope you're having a wonderful week! Today I wanted to share what we did for our 7th week of Pirate101 Group Questing. With Thanksgiving quickly approaching us, we made a lot of progress for our 7th week. Keep reading this to see what we did & where we ended up!

A few weeks ago, we ended on the quest "Hear No Evil, See No Evil" which was the first quest of Monquista. We started questing through Monquista for our 7th week of questing. Monquista isn't too long of a world, but we meant business this week! It has been a while since we've quested due to health issues & technical difficulties. Those two things, thankfully, didn't stop us from zooming through the majority of Monquista!

Monquista has always been my favorite world in Pirate101 because of its uniqueness. It was so nice questing through the majority of this world with a group of amazing friends. We also have a few pirates that join in to help our quest - thank you to all of those who do. :) Anyway, this week was great because we ended on the Final Dungeon of Monquista! This is great progress especially since we've missed out on a few weeks and we'll be taking next week off for Thanksgiving. So let's talk about where we ended up & the next time you can catch our Pirate101 Group Questing Stream!

Quest: "The Monkey's Paw" in Diablo Cut
Optional Task: Complete All Side Quests in Skull Island + Monquista

Our Next Pirate101 Stream
Thursday, November 29th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern

I'd like to thank everyone for joining in on these streams. It really means a lot. We'll always do our best to bring this community together, even during the craziest times. Thank you for your support & I hope you have an AMAZING Thanksgiving. Remember to always be thankful for what you have!

November 15, 2018

Transparency Matters!

Hello Wizards,

Today I wanted to talk about a crowns feature that was added to the game. The Knight-Night Crowns Reward Weekend (which lasts 3 days) gives you rewards based on how many crowns you spend in the Crowns Shop. This would be a great idea, however, the prices are very high.

If you view the image above, you'll notice that you can get a Night Dragon Mount (from the list of exclusive rewards) for $700! While you'll also get everything in the lower tiers, it is very expensive! On top of that, you would have to spend $700 within 3 days to get the mount. The Holiday season is upon us and it's nearly impossible for most (if not all) people to throw $700 to a game. 

So the point of this post is to ask Kingsisle to be more transparent in their actions. Why would you need to throw out a Crowns Benefit that requires you to spend $700 to obtain all of the rewards? Did you know that a Mana Elixir costs 100 Crowns? You would have to spend 330 crowns to obtain the Mana Elixir from this new crowns award system. This is an unfair system and I hope Kingsisle fixes it as soon as possible. I also hope they are more transparent in the future. I am not a hater. I love Kingsisle & their games, so this post is more of a constructive criticism type of post. Please listen to your community, Kingsisle. 

Wizard101: Harvest Hannah Arrives

Hello Wizards!

Harvest Hannah is back in the Shopping District to celebrate the start of the Holiday Season! It's crazy that Harvest (Thanksgiving) is just one week away. Time really did fly by this year. I hope you spend a lot of this Holiday Season with your families. Don't forget to stop by the Shopping District to visit Harvest Hannah before she takes her leave. I already have! I got my items for a Turkey Run event that we'll be hosting on Sunday. Thank you, Harvest Hannah. Happy early Thanksgiving to everyone.

November 14, 2018

Wizard101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 9)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful week. I can't believe Thanksgiving is next week! With the Holidays quickly approaching, our group of friends has zoomed through the recent worlds. We're telling Malistaire (and all future villains) that we mean business. Speaking of that, let's talk about where we ended up on our recent week of questing.

We ended our previous quest week on the quest "Ring The Alarm" where we had to talk to Watson on Scotland Yard Roof. We actually zoomed through the first half of Marleybone within one stream (two hours). This was a lot faster than I thought it would be, especially since I've never quested with a group of more than four people. We quested through Hyde Park, Chelsea Court, Ironworks and ended on the Scotland Yard Roof. 

This week we started our quest on Scotland Yard Roof. From there we made our way through Newgate Prison, Knight's Court, Cat Cat Cat Lab (that one dungeon on Scotland Yard Roof that I can't pronounce), and eventually completed both Counterweights in the Royal Museum! You probably weren't expecting us to zoom through that much of Marleybone's content, but we did! I love questing with this amazing group of friends. Anyway, we ended on the Final Dungeon of Marleybone - Big Ben!

Quest: "The Last Meow" aka Big Ben
Optional Task: Complete ALL Side Quests in Marleybone

Next Questing Stream
Tuesday, November 20th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern

We hope to see you at this stream! It'll be fun to complete Marleybone with everyone. This may be a shorter stream than usual since it is a few days before Thanksgiving. Speaking of Thanksgiving... I want to thank all of you for your support. Our main goal has been and always will be to bring this amazing community together. Thank you for helping us do that. I love Y'all!

November 10, 2018

Wizard101 Questing: Where We Ended Up (Week 8)

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a great weekend. Today I wanted to make a post that is well over a week overdue. Today I'd like to talk about our Wizard101 Group Questing adventures - where we ended up the last time we quest and the next time we'll quest again.

We ended our Week 7 Group Questing on the quest "Temple Dweller". This was the final quest of Krokotopia. We had to defeat Krokopatra in a dungeon of a few bosses and puzzles. This was a simple dungeon because we all ended the world near or just above the level we needed to end it at. Krokotopia was a lot of fun! Shortly after defeating Krokopatra, we made our way to Marleybone!

We meant business in the first part of Marleybone. We made our way through Reagents Square, Hyde Park, Chelsea's Court, and The Ironworks! I wasn't expecting us to make it so far into Marleybone this quickly, but we do have an awesome group of friends that mean business. Friend Chat also helps out a lot when one of us gets behind and needs help catching up. Overall, this week was one of my favorites because of the progress we made! So let's talk about the quest we ended on and when we'll be streaming again. :)

Quest: "Ring The Alarm" - Scotland Yard Roof, Marleybone
Optional Task: Complete Accessible Side Quests

Week 9 Recap Post

Everyone is welcome to join in and help our wizards with their quests. If you have a wizard near an area we're questing, feel free to join us. We'll continue posting this recap posts for those who may want to join in later. Thank you all so much for your support. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

November 9, 2018

Veteran's Day 2018: Lest We Forget

Hi there!

From now until Sunday, November 25th you can redeem a new Peace Dove Pet in Wizard101 & Pirate101 in honor of all of our great veterans. Veteran's Day in the United States will be celebrated on Sunday, November 11th. Thank you to everyone who has served our Country - you have no idea how much we appreciate you! Feel free to redeem this new pet by clicking on the hyperlink below:

Redeem Your Peace Dove

November 8, 2018

Empyrea Part 2 Released To The Live Realm

Hello Wizards!

Long time no talk! I hope you've had a wonderful first week of November. I was busy over the past week, so I was unable to make new blog posts. I'm back & ready to make plenty of new posts for the rest of the month. Today I'd like to talk a bit about Empyrea Part 2.

Empyrea Part 2 brings a new Scion (Tree) Spells for each school, a new level cap of 130, new beautiful areas, an epic storyline, and more. This update has been among my favorite update Kingsisle has released. I was able to watch some great videos of this new update from YouTubers like Kenneth Fireblade while it was still in the test realm. From what I've seen, Kingsisle has really outdone themselves! 

I was able to log into the game (Live Realm) and start questing a bit with Autumn Dreamwalker to get our spells. We weren't planning on questing right away, but we wanted to get these new epic spells. I'd like to thank Kingsisle for putting so much work into the game as they did years ago (it seems like they put more work into the game these days). I look forward to questing through these new areas. I'll let you know what I think of things I didn't see yet in future blog posts. Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral. 

November 1, 2018

It's November - The Start Of The Holiday Season

Hi there!

I know Halloween has just ended, but today marks an exciting time - the Holiday Season! I know not everyone starts celebrating the Holidays so quickly after Halloween, but I always have. This time of the year flies by! I can already officially say that Christmas is next month. :D So now that we got that point out there, let's talk about what I have planned for this Holiday season.

We've already started preparing for our upcoming Turkey & Santa Run. While the Turkey Run will be a smaller event, the Santa Run will be the event we'll mostly prepare for over the next month. Keep in mind that we will have an official Santa Run post that includes a schedule & run guide. I'm hoping to publish that post later this month (or at the very latest early December). We'll also be streaming both of these events on Twitch! We have so many plans already and we hope they all work out. Thank you all again for your support. If you haven't attended one of our events before, we hope you attend our Holiday events.

Speaking of the events, I know its far too early to prepare my Christmas Outfit for the Santa Run - but I have! I've been brainstorming some ideas and thought of an awesome story for my character. I thought I'd share this story toward the end of the year or even next year. For now, I'm going to keep it a secret. Anyway, it's always amazing preparing outfits for the Holidays. Halloween is amazing, but I've been looking forward to Christmas since Last Christmas. ;) If you know me, you know I'm crazy for Christmas! The Holiday season is going to be amazing. We do have new activities to try out for the Santa Run and we hope you're able to attend that. 

Other than events, I'll be hanging out friends on our group questing streams. Our new wizards are now questing through Marleybone and we're making a lot of progress. It's been awesome questing with our group of friends and we look forward to making new memories as we continue! This month is a time to be thankful for what you have. I'm thankful for my friends and family. This is what Holiday season represents to a lot of people (that and a lot more to me) and I look forward to celebrating another Holiday season with all of you. Thank you for your support and for reading this post. Let's make this month & next month, amazing! Until next time, I'll see you around the Spiral.