November 28, 2018

Revisiting Wizard101 UK

Hello Wizards!

It's been quite some time since I've logged into the Wizard101 UK servers. How long? Well, it's been 3 years! In 2012, I made blog posts about questing adventures in the UK server. I made a few friends on that account, however, I forgot my account user & password. A few years later I created a second account in early 2015 with a 3rd Edward Lifegem.

I logged into the US Server today while brainstorming for our 4th Annual Santa Run. During this brainstorming, someone in the Arena was talking about where they were from. I started thinking about the UK server at that point. I was away from the keyboard for a while after that, but I was thinking about downloading the server again to check in on Edward Lifegem #3! I was in the server for about an hour talking with a few people. I was actually able to add a new friend (Blaze) from the UK server in the US server.

I also met another great person, Talon. I asked him quite a few questions about how the UK Server worked. Thank you, Talon, for answering those. You didn't have to, but you did. :D It was very nice talking to you & meeting another nice person from another Country. Serbia to be precise! This American enjoyed talking to you. This adventure was fun & I hope I can revisit the UK Server again soon. Let's hope it won't take me 3 years to visit it again. Thank you all for reading! Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral. :D

Visit The UK Server

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