November 15, 2018

Transparency Matters!

Hello Wizards,

Today I wanted to talk about a crowns feature that was added to the game. The Knight-Night Crowns Reward Weekend (which lasts 3 days) gives you rewards based on how many crowns you spend in the Crowns Shop. This would be a great idea, however, the prices are very high.

If you view the image above, you'll notice that you can get a Night Dragon Mount (from the list of exclusive rewards) for $700! While you'll also get everything in the lower tiers, it is very expensive! On top of that, you would have to spend $700 within 3 days to get the mount. The Holiday season is upon us and it's nearly impossible for most (if not all) people to throw $700 to a game. 

So the point of this post is to ask Kingsisle to be more transparent in their actions. Why would you need to throw out a Crowns Benefit that requires you to spend $700 to obtain all of the rewards? Did you know that a Mana Elixir costs 100 Crowns? You would have to spend 330 crowns to obtain the Mana Elixir from this new crowns award system. This is an unfair system and I hope Kingsisle fixes it as soon as possible. I also hope they are more transparent in the future. I am not a hater. I love Kingsisle & their games, so this post is more of a constructive criticism type of post. Please listen to your community, Kingsisle. 

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