November 21, 2018

Wizard101: The Aero Plains Bundle

Hello Wizards!

A New Bundle, the Aero Plains Bundle, can now be bought at GameStop for $39! Empyrea Part 2 was recently released and one area in this recent update is called the Aero Plains. Feel free to click on the Play Button below to learn more about this new bundle!

My new myth wizard was able to get his hands on one of these new awesome bundles. Upon exploration of the new house, I knew it would be such a fun bundle! I redeemed the mount shortly after that and thought it was a cute mount - that reminded me of Pirate101's Cool Ranch & Easter. You gotta admit that the new mount is cute!

I'll admit that I am glad Kingsisle used the Aero Plains theme for this new bundle! They did such an amazing job creating that new area in Empyrea Part 2. I look forward to using everything this bundle has to offer to assist me in my new questing adventures & potential parties. This is definitely a perfect Holiday gift! If you would like more information about this new bundle, feel free to click on the link below. :)

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