December 24, 2018

⭐ 25 Days - Day 24: The First Noel ⭐


It's Christmas Eve aka the 24th of December. This month flew by! But today is definetely one of my favorite days of the year. I love how peaceful it is this time of year - especially today. I am going to hang out with my family & watch Christmas movies such as It's A Wonderful Life. I've watched It's A Wonderful Life every Christmas Eve since 2003. I'll also be viewing Christmas lights that have been put up around my town. :)

Today is really going to be a great day. Speaking of great, this month has been such an amazing month. We only have one more Christmas song to post after today. Tomorrow is Christmas! The song for this Christmas Eve is "The First Noel" by BYU Combined Choirs & Orchestra! This song represents one of the many reasons why I celebrate Christmas. Happy Almost Birthday, Jesus. Have an amazing Christmas Eve, everyone. :)

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