December 9, 2018

It's Almost Time For The Santa Run: Your Checklist

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Can you believe how fast December is flying by? I feel like we started this month and we're already nearing Mid-December. I am very excited for this upcoming week because I get to watch Christmas movies & host our 4th Annual (5th Total) Santa Run. Here are a few things that you should do before the event next week (Sunday, December 16th).

Read The Official Post
 The Official Santa Run Post provides a link to where we'll stream this year's event, an official list of activities (not all activities are as they seem - which means you'll love them), and a video guide of where we'll be running in Wizard City. Please watch the Video Guide before the Santa Run begins, or you won't know where to run. If this is the first time you'll attend our event, the official post will help you out a lot. Feel free to click on the link below to read the post about this year's Santa Run. :)

Watch The Stream On The Event Day

We now stream our events to make everything less confusing. Once we go live with Santa Run, you'll be able to ask questions in the stream chat, view the official time the Santa Run Begins (this doesn't include activities that take place before the main event), view the realm we're in, etc. Please watch this stream so you're not confused about where you should be or which activity everyone is currently partaking in. The Santa Run stream will begin with activities starting on Sunday, December 16th at 12:00 pm Central time. Feel free to click on the link below to access our Twitch Channel:

Ask Any Questions You May Have

One of our main goals is to make the Santa Run fun & less confusing than it needs to be. If you have any questions about this event (or any other event we have) feel free to ask us whether it's in the comment section below, social media, etc. I'll answer any question you have about the event. I'll add that Mounts & Santa Gear isn't required to attend this event. If you can dye your gear Red & White, that'll work. Either way, everyone is welcome to attend! Please keep the event family-friendly if you do attend. Let's make the event fun for everyone. :) We hope to see you at this year's Santa Run - thank you all again so much for your support in our events this year.

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