December 1, 2018

It's December - The Holiday Season

Hi there!

Can you believe that it's already December? It's already the final month of 2018! I am so ready for Christmas - I've already decorated my website! Christmas has always been my favorite Holiday out of all others. It's usually a busy time of year, but I shockingly have a lot more time than any other time to make new blog posts - like this one!

I have a lot of blog posts planned for this month - including the 25 Days of Christmas Music. This year is my 7th year of posting Christmas music here on my website. I look forward to sharing my favorite Christmas songs this month & many more times in the years to come! :D Speaking of years... our 4th Annual Santa Run is coming up! Keep an eye out tomorrow (Sunday, December 2nd) for the Official Santa Run Post. And don't forget the date... Sunday, December 16th! 

It's always such a blast having these Santa Run events for the community. The Santa Run in 2012 started all of the events, so this event has always been a special one to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy them! By the way, if you plan on attending this event for the first time, we'll be streaming the event on Twitch starting at 12:00 pm Central - Sunday, December 16th. Feel free to click on the link below to access our Twitch Channel.

There is really so much to look forward to this month. Kingsisle always surprises us + there are awesome Holiday-Themed events from the community! This month is my favorite month out of the year & I look forward to spending time with the community & my family. I am thinking I might make blog posts of my real life adventures (such as Christmas windows, Live Nativity Scenes, etc.) right here on Around The Spiral. Keep an eye out for those posts, events, and more! Thank you all for reading & I hope you have an amazing Holiday Season. Merry Christmas & if you celebrate another Holiday, Happy Holidays!

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