December 19, 2018

Santa Run 2018 Recap

Hello Wizards!

I'd like to start this post out by thanking all of you for your support for events like the Santa Run. Whether you're able to attend or not, your support truly means so much to us. This year's events were among my favorite events that we've had. The 4th Annual Santa Run was definitely my favorite of the year (possibly all years). Let's take a look at what we did at this year's Santa Run!

Above you'll see a video made by WhiteTiger93, an awesome WizTuber! He's been making Recap Videos of our events for over a year now. He doesn't only do Recap Videos, so make sure to check out all of his content by subscribing to him when you get a chance. :) Thank you, WhiteTiger93, for yet another amazing recap video!

The Activities: Farming, Giveaways, Raids, Etc.

We started this year's Santa Run by participating in various activities. The first main activity was farming Krampus!  I was able to make it through each Krampus fight (Wooden, Stone, Gold) for the first time. This was a fun activity, to begin with. We also participated in Hide & Seek - where we gave away a wide variety of prizes like packs, a pet, and mounts. Later on in the day, we had a Wizard City Raid featuring Evil Snowmen, Pet Derby with Holiday Pets (I made it to 3rd place hehe), and Christmas Caroling. It was so much fun to update the activities for this year's Santa Run.

The Santa Run: Polar Express Theme

We redeemed a 1-Day Polaris Express Mount from a code giveaway during the Caroling activity. We used the Polaris Express for the theme of this year's Santa Run. We've had a certain theme to each event & for years I've wanted to incorporate the Polar Express into one of our events. We played songs from the Polar Express soundtrack in the background as we drove/ran during this main portion of the event. This part, of course, was my favorite part of the event! It's always fun to line up on the bridge and countdown to New Year's Eve, I mean The Run! :) 

The Afterparty: Such A Great Ending To 2018

Shortly after the Run, our amazing port wizards (Victoria, Iridian, and Sarah) teleported everyone to the afterparty houses. Each host (Michael, Sarah, and Gabby) used three different houses to giveaway stuff from the Crowns Shop. This is usually the more relaxed portion of the event where people PvP & hang out to talk. I've always believed that this is the best time to make new friends or interact with old friends. I am glad so many of you had fun at this year's Santa Run. It was a lot of fun hanging out with y'all during the afterparty + getting that amazing memorable screenshot (see WhiteTiger93's video above for that).

Thank You All So Much:
I'd like to thank our amazing moderators, hosts, and port wizards for helping us put this event together. I'd also like to thank all of you for your support. We appreciate all of the love you show to our events whether it's by sharing or attending, or even both! I made a video below recapping our events dating back to our first Run Event: Santa Run #1 in 2012. Y'all keep us going and we'll continue hosting these events for you. Feel free to watch the video below by clicking on the play button. We look forward to hosting many more events for all of you in 2019, 2020, and beyond.

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