December 2, 2018

Santa Run: Sunday, December 16th

Hello Wizards!

The Holiday Season is here and we're preparing to host our 4th Annual Santa Run! This is an open & free event for all of the community. We'll dress up as Santa or in Red & White and have a Run around Wizard City. We also have awesome activities planned before we run! Keep reading this post for more information about this event:

12:00 pm Central / 1:00 pm Eastern
Twitch Stream Begins / Dance Party

12:15 pm Central / 1:15 pm Eastern
 Holiday Farming

12:45 pm Central / 1:45 pm Eastern
 Find That Santa

1:15 pm Central / 2:15 pm Eastern
 Pet Derby (Holiday Teen Pets)

1:45 pm Central / 2:45 pm Eastern
 Wizard City Christmas Raid

2:15 pm Central / 3:15 pm Eastern
 Christmas Caroling

2:45 pm Central / 3:45 pm Eastern
 Countdown To Santa Run - Line Up On Bridge

3:00 pm Central / 4:00 pm Eastern
 Santa Run Begins (Watch Video Below)

3:30 pm Central / 4:30 pm Eastern
 Afterparties Begin (Port Wizards Announced On Stream)

Santa Run Hosts
Edward Lifegem
Autumn Dreamwalker
Michael Wildflame
Sarah Skystrider

The video guide above will show you where we'll be running during the Santa Run portion of the event. Feel free to check out a Santa Run Guide Contest over on Secrets of the Spiral by clicking HERE. This event will be our final event of the year, so our next event won't take place until early Spring. Thank you all for your support in 2018. We look forward to hosting this event & many more events in the years to come! See y'all at the Santa Run. :D Merry Christmas!

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