December 13, 2018

Wizard101: Final Stream of 2018

Hello Wizards!

I can't believe how long it's been since I've made a group questing recap post! Today, I thought I'd put a twist on it by announcing that our next group questing stream will be our final stream of 2018. I promise that this isn't the end, but we would like to spend time with our families for the Holiday season & we invite you to do the same!

This year has been so much fun. We've made new friends & strengthen old friendships through group questing. We went from Wizard City to Mooshu with a group larger than 4! I have no doubt in my mind we'll make it far in 2019. Our main goal with these streams will always be to bring the community together. I thank all of you for helping us do that! If you're unable to join our next stream (information below), we hope to see you in 2019 as we continue to group quest through the Spiral!

Final Stream of 2018
Tuesday, December 18th
6:00 pm Central / 7:00 pm Eastern
Quest: "Water Everywhere..." in Kishibi Village

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