January 3, 2019

Gardening Up A Garden!

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful year so far. Over the past few weeks, I've been getting back into game activities that I haven't really participated in for a while now. One of these game activities that I've started back up recently has been gardening. I think the last time I gardened was when it was first released to the game (I believe gardening was released in early 2011). Check out the old commercial below!

Can you believe this commercial is 8 years old? Time really is flying by and Kingsisle has done a great job by adding side activities, like gardening, to make the game even better! :) So as I've mentioned above, I really wanted to get back into gardening this year. Many of you already know that I created a new myth wizard, Edward Gem, in September of 2018 for group questing. I've recently used this wizard to start gardening again! The Aero Plains Bundle House was a perfect area to start this garden + I used a sparkle globe to make it magical. :D 

Autumn Dreamwalker recently gifted me Key Limes on this wizard. I knew those seeds would be the first I'd plant if I ever did a garden again since they give a lot of gardening experience points. Just after Christmas I planted these seeds & checked on my garden day & night as they matured. Autumn told me that I only needed to check on them once a day - but I have to admit... in 2011, I let a large garden die out because I didn't check on it enough. That was when I stopped gardening. So, Y'all should know that I mean business this time around. :D I've already made it to Rank 9 in Gardening in a few weeks! How crazy is that?!

Shortly after raising my Key Limes & Harvesting them, I decided to buy even more seeds. I made the mistake of planting them far apart (I was trying to make somewhat of a design to make it look amazing). In recent days after I harvested a plant, I moved the pot closer to the other plants. This makes it easier to use a gardening spell on multiple plants - therefore saving energy for other needs. The pests have been super annoying since you have to use 15 energy to kill Rank 3 pests. I've been looking around on my wizards on my main account for one of the 48-hour pest-free spells to trade to Edward Gem. I know I have these spells because I found a few on my fire wizard - as you can see above (Dragonflies & Electricity Bolts - I think that's what they're called). Anyway, I look forward to gardening even more. I am thinking I'll make another post once I get seeds that give mega snacks. :D Wish me luck on my gardening adventures! Thank you all so much for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

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