January 28, 2019

Happy CMAD Day, Mathew Anderson!

Hi there!

Today is Community Manager Appreciation Day. I'd like to thank our community manager, Mathew Anderson, for all of his work over the past 6 months! He's already brought a lot of the community together in many different ways. Mathew has used social media to bring many in the community together to make new friends. I've definitely made new friends!

From Ravenwood Academy, Arcanum's Archives, and even to our events, we've all been given a platform to promote our events to bring the community together. On top of that, a lot of people have also been given a platform to promote their art, screenshots, blog posts, videos, and more! I appreciate all of the hard work that Mathew has put into bringing the community together. I look forward to seeing what he has planned this year. Happy, CMAD, Mathew! Keep up the great work! We appreciate having you in this wonderful community. :)

Wish Mathew A Happy CMAD On Twitter

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