January 9, 2019

My Goals For SpiralVision

Hi there!

As many of you already know, we've recently changed the twitch channel "EdwardLifegem" to SpiralVision! We had a contest last year for the community to choose our new name to represent all of the community & the streams that we have. This new name really got me thinking about what I want the channel to be in 2019 & the years ahead. So today, I'm going to talk about a few goals that I have for this channel.

"The" Community-Themed Channel, Not 'A' Community-Themed Channel
One thing that I want our channel to be a part of is the community, not a community. When I joined the community in 2009, there were many different fansites. Although they were all different people with different opinions & views, together they were still part of the same community, not separate communities. Nearly a decade later, I'd love to follow what they started - which I believe really made the community boom (feel free to read my post: "A Growing Community: The Beginning"). 

This really ties into the inclusive & exclusive stream conversation. There are many streams outside of our community that are exclusive where you have to pay to feel like you're involved. I'd love to make SpiralVision the complete opposite of that to the point where people feel very welcomed at the events, group questing streams, and many more streams that we will have in the future. This is in no way saying that our streams are better than streams who may do this. It's an entire spiral of different opinions. Let's just say, we have a different vision. ;) 

Staying True To Ourselves
I love visiting the different streamers, to name one - WhiteTiger93. I look up to people like him for many different reasons. His channel is very nostalgic to me because he is a family-friendly YouTuber & Streamer. You may have noticed that I am a fan based on the event recap posts that feature his recap videos. As I said I look up to people like him & many other family-friendly YouTubers & Streamers in the community for putting the community first by staying true to themselves.

Staying true yourself means not changing who you are because of what others may or may not think of you. If you have to change who you are in order to fit into a group of people, that group is not for you. Once think about it, a group like that isn't for the people in that group. My main goal is to make SpiralVision a place where we can be ourselves. If you ever stop by the channel during an event or group questing stream, you'll hear some very random stuff from ASMR to favorite food conversations. I'd love to see SpiralVision continue on this pathway in 2019 & beyond. I mean because why not? :D

This year is going to be amazing as long as we stay true to ourselves. The only way we can make the year amazing together is to follow what I said above & have a positive outlook on the future. I am beyond thankful for each & everyone of you that have supported our streams. I know not all of you are able to make it to our streams but you do support them. You're the reason why the events exist & why any stream that we have on this channel occurs. To anyone that has supported the events & streams that we do - whether you're able to attend or not - thank you. Here's to an amazing 2019. Thank you all for reading. Until next time, I'll see you around the spiral.

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