May 9, 2019

Bunny Run 2019: Recap!

Hello Wizards!

We recently (about two weeks ago) had our 4th Annual Bunny Run! I still can't believe we've had four of these type of events.  So before we go into detail about exactly what we did, let's take a look at a Recap Video from WhiteTiger93 - please subscribe to him if you haven't already!

As you can tell from the video above, everyone had the option to have a Bunny Mount. I'd like to thank our awesome community manager, Mathew Anderson, for giving us rental bunny mount codes for those who did not have a Bunny Mount. We gave this multi-use code on our stream just before we started running. 

We started this year's event by having a little dance party while also describing the activities that we were going to have. We then made our way to the Haunted Cave to battle Nightshade in the Stormdrain Tower. I'm still wondering at the time I'm making this post if Nightshade actually had Easter-themed items. I am going to guess that he did since Eggbert was still in the Spiral at the time of this event. :D If not, we still showed Nightshade that Wizard City will never be taken over by monsters... Unless Evil Edward is still here... I guess we'll see about that...

After farming, we went to the Pet Pavilion to show off my Pet Derby Skills using my Pet Egg. Many of you might be shocked, but I actually made it to 2nd Place during one of my matches. I am kinda shocked because I haven't had any chance to practice. Then again, maybe live streaming these matches inspire me to try my best? Who knows! Shortly after Pet Derby, we had Hide & Seek where we gave away Permanent Wild Hare Mounts. And after Hide & Seek, we went Christmas Caroling, because why not?! 

After our various activities, we gave away Rental Bunny Mount Codes from Kingsisle to all who did not have a Bunny Mount. We then lined up on Rainbow Bridge in The Commons to get ready to Run! We always have a Run Guide Video (to show where we'll be running in Wizard City) so we reminded everyone to watch that video before we made our way through Wizard City. I was actually able to take the screenshot above as we made our way from Rainbow Bridge into Ravenwood! Such a great picture of all of the cute bunnies! :D 

After the Run, we made our way to Iridian Willowglen's awesome Botanical Gardens House where she had every Garden Seed in the game. She also had a maze (which I made it through as we were streaming) and an awesome underground scene (see image below) where you could see everyone running around in the house. I had so much fun pointing out the names of everyone running above us! Our other amazing host Sarah Skystrider gave away stuff during this afterparty & in the Twitch Chat. :D 

This event was a lot of fun and I said above, it was nice hanging out with all of y'all. I would like to thank everyone (Autumn Dreamwalker, Iridian Willowglen, Sarah Skystrider,  & Victoria) for helping to make this event the best that it could be. Now that this event is over, we'll be preparing for our next event, the Holiday Mashup! Get ready because this event will be our best event yet! You will not want to miss out. Keep an eye out next month for an official announcement of this year's event. Thank you to everyone that attended this year's Bunny Run & we hope to see you in August at our 2nd Annual Holiday Mashup!

Watch Our 4th Annual Bunny Run Stream:

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