November 30, 2019

Santa Run 2019: Saturday, December 14th

Hello Wizards!

I'm proud to announce that we will host another Santa Run event this year! Our 5th Annual Santa Run will take place on Saturday, December 14th @ 2pm Central / 3pm Eastern in The Commons, Greyrose Realm. We'll need your help promoting this year's event by sharing this post with all of your friends / the community. Now, let's talk about the schedule of activities that we have planned for this year's Santa Run!

12pm Central / 1pm Eastern
Twitch Stream Begins

12:10pm Central / 1:10pm Eastern
Krampus Farming

12:30pm Central / 1:30pm Eastern
Christmas Pet Derby (Teen Pet)

12:50pm Central / 1:50pm Eastern
Christmas Hide & Seek

1:10pm Central / 2:10pm Eastern
Santa's Elves Return

1:30pm Central / 2:30pm Eastern
Christmas Caroling / Line Up For Santa Run
(1-Day Mounts Will Be Provided - Announced On Twitch Stream)

2pm Central / 3pm Eastern
Santa Run Begins (Watch Video Above For Run Path)

2:20pm Central / 3:20pm Eastern
Afterparty Begins (Port Wizards Announced On Twitch Stream)

We will have various giveaways throughout the event, but remember not to beg or complain if you don't win/get something. The main purpose of this event is to bring the community together - as we have tried doing since our first Santa Run back in December of 2012. I hope that you're able to attend this year's event. If not, please help us by sharing this post with your friends & the community. Thank you all so much for your support over the years. We hope to see you at this year's Santa Run.

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