April 14, 2020

A Massive Comeback

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful start of the week. Over the past few weeks, I've been getting more involved in blogging and many other community-related things. It's almost as if Around The Spiral is making a major comeback. I mean, technically, it kinda is. So it's best for you to keep an eye out on this website and social media for all of my awesome plans for the community. Speaking of plans, let me first give you an update on our group questing group.

As of late, the SpiralVision group questing group has made it at least halfway through Azteca. We're continuing to make our way through this world while also making it a fun streaming experience for everyone. This is still one of my favorite things to do with friends in the community, and I'm proud to announce that it will continue for a long time. If any of you are interested in joining us, we stream every Sunday @ 530pm Central / 630pm Eastern on www.twitch.tv/spiralvision. Everyone is always welcome to attend. 

On top of group questing, the events and more blog posts are also coming! I hope you're ready for a new community experience. My goal has been and always will be to bring the community together. I truly appreciate everything y'all have done for me since 2009 and want to continue to show that appreciation by doing things that I believe will help the community. All that want to participate are more than welcome to participate in a true community experience. An old community experience.

A lot has certainly changed since I joined the community, but I want to come back with a fresh, non-dramatic, non-toxic, start to show today's community what the community was like when I joined. Now, there's no way I can be exactly like the old community leaders, but I can certainly give everyone the option to support a community that I believe represents all people in the community, not just certain select groups of people. With that, prepare for a major comeback of Around The Spiral. I'll have new blog posts, events, streams, and much more. Also, be sure to follow my official social media pages as well for special event, contest, and stream announcements!

You won't want to miss what's coming to this website. I had time to reflect on my past mistakes and don't plan on repeating them. I'll be using the rest of my time here in the community to make it the best place to be for everyone. That means I will not include myself in any toxicity or drama that is usually a reoccurrence in a small part of the community (which no longer exists to me after the publishing of this post - will never reply to it again). After all, there are better things to focus our energy on. I've planned a lot of great blog posts over the past year and I plan to make every single one of them and more. I'm no longer being held back with self-doubt. Keep in mind, you are the reason that this website, the events, and everything else, is here. I appreciate all of you and I'm thankful for all of you. I've done this for 10 years. I'll continue doing so to help be a small part of building a more inclusive community. So, let's get to it. 

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