April 6, 2020

Does Kingsisle Favoritism Exist?

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Welcome to another blog post! Today, I thought I'd make another blog post about something that has been on my mind, not only over the past few weeks but over the past year. Kingsisle Favoritism. Today, I thought I'd make a post full of my opinions on why it doesn't exist. I was guilty last year of saying it did, but today, I'll be making a blog post to prove 2019 Edward wrong.

So, let's talk about what I said last year. During a rough time, I made various comments about Kingsisle favoritism for certain members of this community. I truly believed, at the time, that Kingsisle, as a company, only accepted feedback & supported a select few members of the community. But, like I said above, I am here to prove myself wrong. So here are a few bullet points as to why I believe I was wrong. Let's get started, shall we?

Game Spoilers - From A Select Few To A Select Many
In 2009/2010, Kingsisle only shared game spoilers on their official pages and every now and then would allow Official Wizard101 Fansites to share spoilers on their websites. While there were YouTubers that shared their game experience and content creation, not one - no matter how well known they were - got the opportunity to share upcoming game content. Today, YouTubers - no matter how well known they are - have been allowed to share awesome upcoming content with the community. Even some who are on record of criticizing the game the more than most, have been allowed to share game spoilers. In terms of game spoilers, it's quite awesome that Kingsisle is widening the opportunity for everyone to have a chance to share their awesome creations.

Contests - Content Creator Support
As of late, trusted content creators have become quite lucky to receive codes from Kingsisle to giveaway to their communities. Just a few years ago, Official Fansites were only allowed to receive codes. Sometimes, certainly not many times, YouTubers were able to host a giveaway from Kingsisle. It's quite nice that Kingsisle gives every content creator a chance to give away a little something to the community. I'm no longer an official fansite, but they've even helped me out on contests as well - even after all of the chaos of 2019. More people have been included to give so many awesome things away, so I give a special THANK YOU to Kingsisle for all of the codes they create for many content creators here in the community.

Feedback - A Few Official Channels to Interaction With The Devs
One last bullet point I really wanted to include in this blog post is about feedback for the game. Since 2009, there has been an improvement that I never thought I would see. I remember thinking how amazing it would be to talk to a Kingsisle employee on Twitter or the game. Now, the devs join in our Twitch Channels, our events, our channels, ask us what we want in the game, etc. This is the great atomic bomb to my comments last year. Kingsisle has improved its relationship with their fanbase, unlike most game companies, do. Before and After this pandemic, Kingsisle employees joined in on the conversation with the community while at home. They could have spent their time elsewhere, but they're still here dealing with dramatic people. The interaction is massive with anyone and everyone - content creator or not. So with that, I want to give a MAJOR thank you to Kingsisle for their hard work. The majority of your fanbase appreciates what you do for us and we hope your company continues to thrive. So to answer the question. Yes, it does. They favor all of us. (Had to edit the post to include that - hehe).

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