June 6, 2020

Pride Run Event - Saturday, June 20th

Hello Wizards!

I hope you're having a wonderful start of your weekend. I asked wizards on Twitter what they thought about an Pride Run and many replied with great support. So, today (and yesterday - hehe), I'm officially announcing the next event, the Pride Run.

Saturday, June 20th @ 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern

The Commons, Greyrose Realm

Pride Colors & Your Favorite Colorful Mount

Pathway (Same Path As The Wizard Run)

Everyone is more than welcome to attend this in-game event. I will be streaming this event, but will not hot activities as we usually do - just consider this an old-fashioned event. The Run will begin exactly at 3pm Central / 4pm Eastern so be sure to line up on the bridge before that time. Share the link of this blog post with everyone so they know when/where to meetup + where to run. Thank you all so much for your support. We'll see you at the event. :D 

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