September 12, 2020

Moving The Mirror For Positive Change

 Hello Wizards!

Long time no talk! I hope all of you have been staying healthy & safe during these past crazy few months. Today, I wanted to talk with the community about something that has been on my mind for quite some time - individuality.

Over the past several years, individuality has been looked down upon by a large portion of the community, and frankly, the world. The only way to be accepted by these types of people is if you put a mirror in front of them and talk about what they believe in. You may not move the mirror or talk as an individual. Overall, you have to be them, not yourself, to fit into this mirror world.

As many of you know, I've hosted in-game events with a group of amazing friends. We didn't share common political or religious beliefs. We did, however, share one common belief - bringing the community together. That one belief paved the road for years of in-game events for the community. These events didn't work out for the majority, but it did work out for everyone that shared this same common goal. All of the awesome people that attended our in-game events had numerous beliefs - but we all wanted to hang out in the game as friends. As a Community of people. All Unique.

As an individual, I have my own beliefs, that are clearly not popular among many in the community. But, I'm not here to be popular. As I've stated, my goal is to bring the community together. It took years, but it's nice to see that SpiralVision was no failure of bringing people who have different beliefs together for years. We're one of the most diverse groups of thinkers and people in this community. This is the type of diversity that will succeed both here and in the world. Let's move the mirror. Let's accept individuality. Let's change this community.

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