About Me

I joined Wizard101 on July 4th, 2009: That's Independence Day here in America, and at the time I wasn't busy because it was raining most of that day. How do I remember that? Well, I saw an awesome commercial for a Wizard game on television and I went to the Wizard101 website and signed up to be an Ice Wizard! I named my first wizard Edward Wintergem! Ever since then, most of my wizards have been named Edward.

I created this website on May 10th, 2010: I was inspired by Tom aka "The Friendly Necromancer" to create this blog. At the time, I wasn't as interested in the community, but more of making this website a place for memories. Today, I love the community and want to make this website both a place for Memories and a place for Online Safety, Events, etc. 

I joined Pirate101 on August 2nd, 2012: just a few days before Alpha was going to end for Beta Players to join in on the fun. I started blogging about Pirate101 when they announced the game in early 2012. Ever since then, I've had two places for Wizard101 and Pirate101 only themed posts.

I became a Pirate101 Fansite Owner on November 8th, 2012: Kingsisle accepted my Fansite Application to become an Official Pirate101 Fansite owner. Since then, I've had a lot of great fun with the community since then by hosting events, having contests, etc. Pirate101 is a fun game which you should try out if you haven't already.

A Bright Future: We have a bright future ahead with this website. It will be my goal to make all of you feel welcome in the community by hosting events. Interaction is important. I'm also going to provide important Online Safety Tips, make questing posts, YouTube videos, and have Twitch streams. These will all be for fun and for you! I hope you all stick around for all of the fun.