Welcome to the Events Page! On this page, I'm going to talk about events that I, along with other amazing co-hosts, have for this awesome community. Keep reading this page for more information about our events. This information will include what we do at our events, why we have them, and where you can watch our streams for each event.

We started having events for the community in 2012. The majority of our events are Holiday-themed and take place nearly before each major Holiday. We have events like these to bring everyone together at one time in-game to celebrate the Holidays, the game, and the community. What exactly do our events consist of? Keep reading to see what we do at our events!

We  Have Activities

These activities are usually related to the theme of the event. The screenshot above was taken during one of our events, the Holiday Mashup. This event was a combination of Holidays type of event. One of our activities leading up to the main event was a Duck Mount Raid. Everyone was allowed to participate in thanks to Kingsisle for providing 1-Day Duck Mounts. The activity above represented April Fools since the duck mount is an April Fools Mount. The specific theme of the event (and most activities) above represented a Mashup of all Holidays! Activities of other Holiday events relate to the theme of the certain Holiday that we're celebrating. 

We Run Around Wizard City 
 After our activities, our main event consists of Running around Wizard City. The theme of the event represents what kind of Run we will have. We release video guides before each event so everyone knows where to run. We post these video guides on the announcement posts of each event. Please read these posts when we publish them. We have new videos each Holiday, so don't watch any of our older videos. The video playing above is an old event guide, but you can watch it to get an idea of what we do during the main part of the event (The Run). Keep an eye out for new Run Guides by checking out my YouTube channel. Click on the link above the video to access my channel.

We Have An Afterparty

 After our main event, we have our Port Wizards (we announce the names of our port wizards on our Twitch stream) teleport all who attend our afterparty castles. Be patient because the port wizards will check each area to make sure they pick everyone up. At the castles, we have friendly dueling, mini-games, mazes, and a lot more. This is a special time to hang out with old friends and possibly make new friends! This is the more relaxed part of the event because everyone is able to interact more with each other. This is a perfect time to make new friends!

We Stream Our Events

Some of you already know that we now stream each event that we have. You can view the official stream above. I currently stream with Autumn Dreamwalker of Secrets of the Spiral. We've decided to start streaming to avoid any confusion. We answer questions, let everyone know what we'll be doing next, and overall have a lot of fun! Our streams are also very random! Remember to give us a follow so you're notified about our next stream. If you'd like a direct link to the Twitch Channel, click anywhere on the image above. 

Now that you've read what our events consist of, you can view a list of upcoming events below! Once the official post for each listed event has been published, you can click on any graphics listed below to access that official post. Official posts include important information such as the video guide, schedule, contest information, etc. Feel free to comment on the page if you have any questions about our events! Here's a list of our upcoming events:

Mounts, Costumes, & Memberships Aren't Required participate!

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