Welcome to the Events Page! On this page, I'm going to talk about events that I, along with other amazing co-hosts, have for this awesome community. Continue reading this page to learn more about our events plus a list of upcoming events.

We Stream Our Events
Autumn & I stream each Holiday-Themed event on Twitch. You can find our twitch channel by searching for "SpiralVision". The event streams are important to watch since we talk about any activities that we're currently participating in, when the run event will begin, and when the port wizards will teleport everyone to the afterparty. Keep reading for a layout of our events.

Participate In Activities
Our main goal is to make the event as fun as possible for everyone, even if they show up early to an event. These activities are usually related to the theme of the event. We usually have a variety of fun activities that will lead up to our main event. We may switch realms during the activities portion of our events. The main realm will be the realm that the run will take place - which will always be promoted on the official announcement graphic.

The Run Event
The main event consists of running a pathway with everyone that shows up to the event. You'll find these run-themed videos published on my YouTube Channel (EdwardLifegem) about a month before each event. These are very important to watch before each event so you know where the group will run. You may also find the official schedule of activities & the run on the official post - which will be published above a month before each event takes place.

The Afterparty
Once Run Event is over, we have our Port Wizards (names of port wizards are shared during our Twitch Stream) teleport everyone to the afterparty castles. Be patient as each port wizard checks the remaining areas for everyone. Our awesome cohosts will provide activities such as PvP, housing games, trivia, mazes, etc. for everyone to participate in! We hope you join us during the afterparties.

Below, you'll find important links and a list of upcoming events. As we near each event, you'll find links to the Official Posts of these events. Please check back about a month before each event for an Official Post which includes a schedule of activities, video guide, and more information. Reading these official posts and watching our streams will make the events a lot less confusing. We look forward to seeing all of you at our events this year.

SpiralVision's Twitch

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