Online Safety

Stay safe on Social Media: Online Safety is very important! You may not understand that now, but if you're in a situation where you need the online safety, you will. One online safety tip is to ask your parents (if you're younger than 13) if you can join a site before you join it. Facebook, Twitter, even this site even though its family-friendly. You have to ask your parents before joining a site! If they know you're there, if they so no, accept it! They are trying to protect you.

Keep Your Personal Information a Secret: One other Online Safety tip is to not give out any personal information! Your personal information is meant to be personal for a reason. Don't give it out to anyone, this counts for passwords on Wizard101 and Pirate101, your address, city, age, town, and even your phone number. Don't give out these things, it's very important that you keep this to yourself. For example, you walk up to a stranger and give them your address. Would you do that? No! Make sure you are safe online! Never talk to strangers and never share personal information with strangers.

Never Give Away Your Username and/or Password: Kingsisle gives you a username and password to think of before creating your Wizard101 or Pirate101 account. It's very important that you don't give these out to anyone! If you give it out and you're trying to get it back, you will lose your account. Make sure you don't do that, Morganthe and Malistaire work hard to make that happen, show them your school power and don't let them take your wizard! If you give it away, Malistaire and Morganthe win! The headmaster doesn't want that to happen at all! If someone is pretending to be Kingsisle and says they work there and doesn't show you a badge (on the game, doesn't count for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any other social network site), they are not Kingsisle. Kingsisle has already said they would never ask you for your password and if someone claims to be and does ask for your password, report them. See more online safety pages by clicking on the links provided below.