Wizard101 Main Worlds

Wizard City
You start Wizard City at level 0! You arrive in Wizard City once you're done creating your first character or another character for a different school! Wizard City is the first world you arrive at with your adventures, you will encounter evil monsters and none other than Merle Ambrose in this world.
Krokotopia is the second world, this world is filled with a bunch of sand and gives you the feeling that you traveled to Egypt! This world includes Kroks and Salamanders. You will encounter another evil boss at the end of the world called Krokopatra! 
Marleybone is the third world of Wizard101. This world has a bunch of cats, rats, dogs and golems! A weird bunch huh? This world has a lot of trouble, you will get to meet Malistaire again, you will have to see where you meet him though. You will also meet the last boss Meowiarty!
Mooshu is the fourth main world of Wizard101! You will get to meet the great Moodha in this world you also get to meet a bunch of ronins, Oni's and a bunch of other creatures. This world is not as peaceful as it seems, you will have to fight someone or something that may be difficult. Stay safe!
Dragonspyre is the fifth world of the Spiral. This world is as dangerous as it seems, its full of Lava! Ouch! Well maybe not for the fire wizards :) You have to fight a very tough boss that you first meant, you should know his name it echos all through the Spiral! Be careful.
Celestia? The sixth world? Wait a minute, didn't you defeat a tough boss before. Oh no, the evil is not over. There's another evil thing in the Spiral that wants revenge on the Spiral. This world is full of sharks, fish, fish... sharks? Oh and Aliens!  :) This is a great world for the storm wizards. 
Zafaria! The seventh world, an African type of world. This world is very fun, not to mention difficult! These monsters don't like it when wizards try to defeat them. You may think you get to fight that evil boss in this world but the truth is you don't! 

Avalon.. The eighth world.. In Avalon you will fight a younger version of the main boss in this world. She will not give up easy though, you better be careful... Mammoth does not like it when someone goes up against him! This world consists of Knights, and a King. You'll see! :)


Azteca is the 9th world on Wizard101, Kingsisle brought this world to us in November 2012 with a new cap of level 90! New spells, New enemies and new friends! This world is the oldest world in the Spiral, are you able to save it from Morganthe and a new enemy? We'll have to see what happens!

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